Antony Carpen

Public Policy & Social Media

Welcome to my website – one that I am working on throughout January – March 2015 at an evening class at Hills Road SFC in Cambridge, with Christian Mayne. Anyone who is new to running sites or who otherwise cannot go beyond the basics I strongly recommend his course. Hence over 2015 you’ll be seeing a number of changes (& the removal of some basic errors as I progress through the course).

Branching out into video-making

In the summer of 2014, I went on a basic digital film making course (at HRSFC’s evening class program) with Rex Elston. As with WordPress here, Rex got me through the glass walls of procrastination and got me using kit that was either gathering dust (an old camcorder) or was not being used to its full potential. My first paid commission was for the Cambridge Buskers Festival 2014 – around the time I was coming to the end of the digital film course.

The above was filmed using a 2010-vintage camcorder plus iPhone 5. I added the audio separately.

At the end of 2014, I had upgraded to a much more powerful camcorder that can handle my incredibly unstable hold, very low lighting and also has a x12 optical zoom. This meant that I was able to film at the back of a medium-sized theatre.

Making short corporate & community videos are now a major feature of the work I do.